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Best Call Recorder is an innovative new app that provides unlimited, real-time recordings of incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone.

It's never been easier to record and save all your phone calls. Whether it's just a business call, important legal issue, or job interview—all calls are recorded and saved for your future use.

Frequently Asked Questions How to use and record calls with Best Call Recorder.

Best Call Recorder essentially works by activating a multi-way call between you, the caller(s) you wish to record, and our network. As you begin a call you’d like to record, simply open the BCR app and tap the record button. The app will connect with our BCR access number and will start recording as soon as the call to the BCR number is answered. You will then be able to add another call and merge them. Once merged, the call will be recorded.

Best Call Recorder uses the conference call feature of your iPhone to record a call. Almost all iPhone have three-way calling (conference call) enabled. If you don’t, please contact your cellular provider to enable the option for you.

Simply swipe your with finger to the left over the row of the recording and press the Red "delete" button (red button).

Currently Apple does not allow automatic recordings on iPhones and therefor the only option to record calls on your iPhone would be by using our app and merging a call..

Swipe your finger to the left over the recording and press the Label button (grey button).

Click on the recording you’d like to play, then press the share button on the lower right of the screen – you will be able to share the recording with whatsapp, iMessage, email or any app you have on your device that allows sharing.

Go into settings screen in the upper right side of the screen, at the top of the page you will see the "beep tones" switch. White - turned off. Red - turned on.

Go into settings screen in the upper right side of the screen, press the "Language" button and change to your preferred language

Go into settings on the upper right side of the screen, press "Change timezone" and pick your local time.

In the app`s main screen, click on the top upgrade icon or go to the app settings -> my account and select the option from there.

The call recording subscription is an unlimited subscription for 1 year. After 1 year, you will have an option to renew the subscription and continue using the unlimited services.

Go to the app settings and click on “Access Number”. Select the country from the list and then edit/save the correct number format that the app will dial.

Simply click on the recording in the call history section of the app to play it.

Incoming call recording is easy! After answering the call, simply launch the recording app and click on the red button – the app will dial our recording number now and put the original call on hold -> now click on the “Merge Calls” button to start recording your incoming call.

Refunds are processed via Apple. Simply open the receipt you got in your email and click on the “report a problem” link inside. You will be redirected to Apple to complete the refund process.

Simply swipe to the left over the recording row you`d like to share or click on it to start playing it. From there you will have a “share” button.

Please contact us and we’ll assist you with any issue/question you may have.

If you upgraded your iPhone or replaced a device. As long as you haven’t changed your phone number, you should simply launch the app again and go through the initial registration process. The app will automatically recognize your new device and will restore all past recordings.

Please try to uninstall and reinstall the app again. You will go through the initial registration process (1 minute) and after that, all recordings will be restored.

If you enjoyed the service and our app, we would be very grateful if you could post a positive review on our app store page. Simply launch the “App Store” on your phone, search for “Best Call Recorder” and give us a 5 start rating. Once done, let us know and we’ll also give you 2 months bonus to the service.

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